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We've all been in the situation when the dog decides to dry himself off by shaking his booty in style - while soaking everything else within a 3 metre radius. But have you ever seen how ridiculously funny their faces look when they do it?

1. They're easy to care for

Guinea pigs do require some care but not as much as other pets like dogs or cats. They need to be fed twice a day – morning and evening, with some fresh fruit and vegetables, along with good quality hay and pellets. Their hutch will need the odd spot-clean throughout the week, and a thorough clean once a week so they have fresh bedding, hay and clean food bowls/water bottles. Their claws will need clipping every 6 weeks.

1. Have you ever wondered what the offspring of a giraffe and a zebra would look like? If it existed, it would probably look like an okapi…


The okapi is related to zebras, however it’s more closely related to giraffes. Both okapis and giraffes have very long, flexible tongues measuring around 30 centimetres long, and they both have long necks. The okapi stands about 1.5 metres tall, 2.5 metres long, and weigh between 200-350 kg. They have big ears which help to detect the predators, such as the leopard. The okapi is an endangered species.