A new research from Provident has revealed the underlying facts between cat and dog persons regarding social media, level of naughtiness and owners’ behaviour. Provident has surveyed 2000 UK respondents and pet owners. The war between cats and dogs ends here and now.


Snapcat and Instadog

Everybody likes a picture of a cute puppy or kitten. Out of 2000 pet owners, 7% of them have set a separate account for their cat or their dog and over 17% of Brits follow at least one pet Instagram account. While the numbers are similar between cats and dogs Instagram’s, the research shows that despite cats getting all the attention these days (cat cafes, guys and kittens pictures, etc.), dog owners are the ones who bring up their pet the most in conversations. Over 1 out of 2 dog owners talk about their pet at least once a day, compared to only 41% for cat owners.


So who’s the naughtiest?

On average, dog owners have to shell out more money for repairs and replacements for their furniture due to their pet being naughty. Despite being the naughtiest, Brits consider themselves to be more dog persons than cats (45.7% against 33%) – with over 1 man out of 2 showing a strong preference for dogs.

cat vs dog


Pets before Mates

Getting a pet is for life and if this means missing out on a holiday or a night out, over a third of Brits (35.8%) do not think twice before cancelling their plans. According to the survey, dog owners are more reluctant to leave their pet alone compare to cat owners (42% dog owners would rather miss out on events compared to only 24% of cat owners). Besides, with the survey showing that over 38% of Brits prefer animals to humans, it is with no surprise that Brits are spending more on their pets (£17.31 on average per year) rather than on their work colleagues (£14.28).



How do you rate your pet?

Provident asked cat and dog owners how they would rate their pets on a few personality traits and despite having a soft spot for their animal, the Brits tried to be as true as possible. Although the score differences between cats and dogs are thin, cats are winning the award for Naughtiest Pet and dogs are triumphing for Funniest Pet.


dog vs cat


Still deciding on what pet you’d like to welcome to your home or whether you took the right decision? Take the test here to find out if your more of a dog or cat person!