Seven signs you're truly obsessed by cats

1. You plan your social life around your cats

Sometimes, you politely decline when a friend invites you out because you just really want to hang out with your cat. At the end of a long day or week, you love to curl up on the sofa alongside your feline friend — absolute bliss!

2. Cats are part of your fashion

Your favourite top, dress, handbag and scarf all have cat prints on them. Whatever the latest accessory is that you have your eye on, you won't be able to resist if it's cat-themed.

3. Your phone is full of cat pics

“No phone memory available?!” You can't understand why you can't save your latest snap until you realise it's hundreds of kitty pics using all your phone memory. So you must delete some pictures before you can save your newest cat selfie...well, you didn't need all those holiday photos anyway.

4. Your cat's name is your password

Whenever you're in need of a security password, you turn to your cat. Even when the security word needs numbers you just add your cat's birthday — which is also on your calendar — to the end.

5. You imagine getting another cat

You may not have room in your house but you'll always have room in your heart for more cats. With so many kitties needing homes, you're constantly tempted to add another to your family.

6. You buy presents for your cat

Your cat never fails to receive a gift from you every Christmas or birthday. Cats are part of the family, so why wouldn't you treat them?

7. You are naturally drawn to other cat people

You will get along straight away with other cat lovers. Talking about your pets is a great ice-breaker — and a great opportunity to share pictures of your pets or hilarious online videos of cats.