We’re a nation of animal lovers and with over three quarters (76%) of owners viewing their pet as their own child it’s no surprise that we like to take them with us wherever we go, with visits to friends, holidays and trips to the office being the most popular places for us to venture with our furry companions.


With National Bring Your Dog to Work Day around the corner, the great news for us is that dogs have been proven to be great stress relievers in a busy workplace, reducing anxiety by up to one third. Probably one of the reasons why one in ten UK pet owners regularly take their dog to work, especially when you consider that last year over 11.7 million sick days were taken due to stress.


At IAMS, they understand the benefits of having a dog at work hence why they welcome furry co-workers into their head office. Dogs encourage us to walk more, take regular breaks throughout the day and even make us more sociable with our colleagues. They even keep a special biscuit tin topped up with IAMS Minis to ensure that the office pooches have their own, safe and healthy snacks to keep them happy throughout the day. If you are planning to get involved with National Bring Your Dog to Work Day, it’s important to look after the wellbeing of your pet during the working day. This means making sure they have access to water, have a comfortable and safe place to rest, are taken out for regular toilet breaks and are kept away from all the naughty treats many offices have lying around. Diet is crucial in maintaining pet’s overall health and should provide them with 100% complete and balanced nutrition rich in high quality proteins offering proven health benefits – so make sure they don’t find the office biscuit tin!


 IAMS Nutritional Expert and Veterinary Training Manager, Kellie Ceccarelli adds, “There are so many positives to having a dog in the office however, it’s really important to make sure they are looked after properly and their health isn’t affected by accidentally eating human food which has been left on easy to reach surfaces.


“Chocolate for example will not only add to a dog’s waistline but it can be toxic and when eaten in large quantities, particularly if it contains high cocoa levels, can be life threatening. It’s not just the more obvious foods like chocolate that can be a risk though. Healthier snacks like grapes and raisins are also poisonous to dogs causing symptoms from vomiting and diarrhoea to more the severe kidney failure.


“It’s always better to be safe so keep human foods out of the reach of your furry colleagues and remind your work friends not to fall for puppy dog eyes when it comes to lunchtime. Instead, keep your pet happy and healthy by giving them the nutrients they need. A diet rich in high quality animal proteins, such as chicken and turkey, will help in maintaining optimal overall health for your pet, supporting a strong immune system, healthy skin and a shiny coat.”


IAMS Proactive Health contains impressively high levels of protein in every bowl, and provides more protein for less, when comparing cost per meal to other leading pet food brands. Chicken and turkey protein is the number one ingredient in IAMS Proactive Health and contains 24% more protein than the top 2 leading brands, supporting health, active lives for dogs.