Dylan is amazing

Claire Vjestica tells us about Dylan...

“In 2009 I had a major accident, and as a result I ended up suffering from severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I got my boy Dylan in 2011 to help me cope.

“Once Dylan had settled in to the family, I started to train him from 10 weeks old. One of the best things I taught him was to come with me on my motorcycle in a backpack pet carrier. Having him with me meant I never felt alone and it relieved a lot of my anxiety and stresses.

“In 2012 my husband walked out on me as he could no longer cope looking after me, so was just me and Dylan. My depression took a nosedive, however Dylan helped me more than he will ever realise. He was there for me throughout the numerous operations I had to return me to some sort of mobility.

“My dog gave me hope, he never let me feel alone, and I was able to return to motorcycling with the aid of my dog who comes on many journeys with me.

“I am now currently recovering from my 10th operation and having my boy beside me throughout is the main reason I keep going, I wouldn’t be who I am without him.”

Claire Vjestica