Cookie chills out in his cosy office basket.

Cookie the cute Pomeranian has been used to living the high life ever since he was a puppy.

At just a few months old, he was enjoying cuddles with Hollywood A-listers Lucy Liu and Eva Longoria before finding the perfect home with Ken Karlstrom and his wife Shilpa.

Ken is the chief pilot for Virgin Balloon Flights and Cookie quickly settled into his role as official company mascot.

He has been a familiar face around Virgin's Telford head office for more than a decade, coming to work with his dad Ken most days.

Running The Show


Cookie rocking the high-vis vest look and ready to get to work.

While in the office, Cookie really is top dog in many ways and likes to get involved with the day to day running of Virgin Balloon Flights.

He can often be found ‘helping’ the customer service team, hopping up onto the desks to offer his advice through the odd little yap. He also enjoys being the first to welcome office visitors and quite a few have proved difficult to pry away from fussing the friendly little ball of fluff.

Cookie also takes his duties watching for the ‘parcel thief’ (otherwise known as the postman!) very seriously.

But his favourite thing to do is to lie down for a snooze on the floor – right in the middle of the door to the office kitchen. As you can imagine, this is a room that the team visit quite a bit during the course of the day!

We can’t decide whether he’s deliberately trying to trip the team up or is just forcing them to stop and give him a fuss on the way to put the kettle on.

High Flyer


He takes his role as Virgin Balloon Flights official mascot very seriously.

Cookie is 11 years old and can officially call himself a hot air ballooning dog, having accompanied dad Ken on one of his flights in the past.

Although he enjoyed himself at the time, one trip was enough for the brave little pooch and he definitely prefers keeping his feet on the ground – unless you’re picking him up for a cuddle.

Your Chance To Fly

This year Virgin Balloon Flights celebrates its 21st birthday and to mark the occasion, Cookie wants to give other pet mums and dads (the human kind that is!) the chance to see what all the fuss is about with some great discounts off our champagne balloon flights.

Cookie convinced us to knock up to £60 off our Adventure gift packages for Your Pet readers, which include an exclusive flight pack filled with goodies such as binoculars, baseball caps and messenger bags.

For more information or to take advantage of this great offer, visit*

You can read more about Cookie’s ongoing adventures on the Virgin Balloon Flights blog here or through our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

*Terms and conditions apply – see Please note that while Cookie once went up on a private flight with our chief pilot, pets are not allowed on our commercial flights.

Fast Facts

Name: Cookie

Breed: Pomeranian

Age: 11

Gender: Male (even though he’s so cute he’s often mistaken for a girl)

Job: Virgin Balloon Flights Official Mascot and Office Dog.

Fave Food: Chicken drumsticks and lamb chops, with a naughty penchant for the odd McDonald’s cheeseburger if you’re not looking.

Hobbies: Looking cute, long naps in the middle of the office floor, getting a fuss from staff and visitors, travelling with Daddy Ken, posing for photographs.