Make your own catnip toy

Fancy making your cat a cute catnip mouse? This toy is perfect for your feline friend - plus it's cheaper than buying one, and is fun to make!

Just make sure you've got everything you need (listed above), and follow the instructions below. Then your cat will have a brand new toy in no time... enjoy!

Make sure you send us pictures of your completed catnip mice, by posting them to our Facebook and Twitter!

1. Download the templates below and print them out. Cut the templates out, and pin onto your fabric. 

2. Cut out one bottom piece and two side pieces, and pin all the pointed ends together. Cut out one tail and two ears.

3. Fold the tail piece in half and stitch up the side, leaving one end a little open to attach to the body.

4. Stitch around the sides and top of the body, leaving the rounded end open enough to fill with stuffing and dried catnip.

5. Fill the body with a mixture of stuffing and dried catnip, attach the tail and tightly stitch up the back end.

6. Stitch the two ear pieces onto the body along the dotted lines in a slight curve, then stitch a red/pink nose and black eyes using thread.

7. Ensure your toy is completely stitched with no stuffing visible from the outside. Then let playtime commence!

Make your own catnip toy

Your completed catnip toy should look like the small mouse below.

Make your own catnip toy

Make your own catnip toy