Fact of the week

Their stripes are there for a reason!

1. A zebra’s stripy coat is thought to disperse more than 70% of incoming heat, preventing the animal from overheating in the African sun!

2. It has been argued that their stripy coat is also able to help camouflage the animal from predators in the long grass.

3. Every zebra's stripes are different and unique to the animal, just like a human's fingerprint.

4. Finding safety in numbers, zebras are found in large herds as this means they can look out for one another and it makes it harder for a predator to single one out.

5. Zebras are herbivores, which means that they only eat plant-matter in order to gain their nutrition.

6. There are three species of zebras in Africa: the Plains, Grevy's and the Mountain zebra.

7. They have excellent eyesight and hearing, which helps them to look out for danger. 

8. They have long and slender legs as well as narrow hooves, which aids their ability to run at speeds up to 35mph.

9. Within fifteen minutes of a zebra foal being born, they are able to stand and walk.

10. Zebras become fully mature around three to six years of age and will have a lifespan of around 25 years.