A fact for each arm on its body!

1. There are around 300 different species of octopus and the majority of them prefer to live in warm, tropical waters.

2. While some varieties live on the ocean floor, others prefer shallow water around coral reefs.

3. The clever octopus uses a wide range of techniques to avoid attackers. Perhaps the most amazing defence mechanism is its ability to hide, as it can instantly change its body to match the colours and patterns of its surroundings, so predators can pass by without noticing it.

4. If an octopus does get found by a predator, it will release black ink which can obscure an attackers view and sense of smell, which gives it time to swim away from danger.

5. As they are invertebrates (which means they don't have a skeleton), their soft bodies can squeeze into tight places and small cracks in rocks, which makes it hard for predators to get to them.

6. They can even loose an arm and regrow it, which is extremely useful if it has been attacked.

7. Their diet consists of crabs, crayfish, and molluscs, which they can break into with their parrot-like beak. 

8. They have three hearts!