Today is Mother's Day, and we thought that the mothers of the Animal Kingdom also deserve some recognition...

Animals face some of the biggest trials and tribulations when they are raising their young, however these particular animal mums always go above and beyond to raise their babies safely up towards adulthood...


1. Elephants 


The Elephant has to carry her baby for a total of 22 months, not only this but on average an elephant calf weighs between 200-270 pounds! Once the calf is born the whole herd will then help to raise the baby. 


2. Lions


For the first six weeks of the cubs life the mother will go in to hiding in order to protect her cubs from males. When she feels they are ready she will introduce her cubs to the rest of the pride. Again all females will chip in to help bring up these youngsters. 


3. Orangutans 

Orangutan mums will dedicate 8 years of their life to raising their young. This is the longest any mammal raises its young for, outside of humans. 


4. Swans

Image: Daily Mail

Swans are dislike most animals. These birds will mate for life in order to raise their young together. 


5. Otters 


Sea Otters will carry their babies on their tummy until they are two months old. 


6. Giraffes

Image: Jan Pelcman

Once a baby becomes part of the tower of giraffes, the females will act as 'nannies' to the calf whilst the mother feeds.


7. Polar Bears

Polar Bear

Image: Anton Belovodchenko                      

A mother Polar Bear has to raise her young in -40F, she builds an underground den and will not bring out her cubs till they about 3-4 months old. At this point she has been fasting for a whole 8 months.