31 rabbit facts

They will jump and twist in the air if they get excited, and they can drink as much water as a large dog!

1. The scientific name for the rabbit is oryctolagus cuniculus.

2. Not many people know that rabbits can be trained. Those kept as pets can really benefit from reward-based training. For example, they can be trained to exercise and go over small jumps, which in turn is great for their health. 

3. They can learn to recognise their own name and simple words such as 'no'. 

4. Rabbits should be kept in pairs. Companionship is key to the welfare of rabbits.

5. Rabbits stand upright on their hind legs to give themselves a better vantage point to look for predators. They alert other rabbits to the presence of danger by thumping their hind legs.

6. When a rabbit is happy he will jump and twist. This action is called a binky. 

7. When rabbits ‘binky’, this is an expression of joy. They will run, jump into the air, twist their body and flick their feet.

8. Rabbits have extremely strong hind limbs which allow them to leap great distances. They can jump up to one metre high and three metres long.

9. A female rabbit is called a doe.

10. Rabbits only sweat on the pads of their feet.

11. Rabbits usually have 2 to 3 litter a year and each litter has 4 to 6 babies.

12. Babies are called kits and are born with their eyes closed and no fur.

13. Rabbit's can't vomit. 

14. A male rabbit is called a buck.

15. Rabbits have 28 teeth that never stop growing throughout their lives.

16. Rabbits have 5 toenails on each front foot, and 4 toenails on each back foot. 

17. The rabbit is one of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. It represents graciousness, kindness, sensitivity, compassion, tenderness and elegance.

18. Rabbits can be litter trained.

19. A doe can become pregnant again within 2 or 3 days of having babies. 

20. Rabbits eat their own droppings called cecotropes. These are a good source of nutrients. 

21. Rabbit's ears can be turned in every direction, and help in regulating temperature. 

22. Wild rabbits are usually smaller in size than domestic rabbits. 

23. At a top speed, some rabbits (depending on breed) can run as fast as 35 mph. 

24. There are around 180 different breeds worldwide. 

25. Rabbits inhabit every continent in the world apart from Antarctica. 

26. The skeleton is very fragile and can break easily if the rabbit is dropped or handled incorrectly. The legs are fragile as well. 

27. In the UK, the rabbit is the 3rd most popular pet. 

28. Rabbits are not very good at regulating their own temperature and are prone to heatstroke. 

29. Rabbits can purr. 

30. Rabbits are ideal pets for vegetarians they can eat dinner with you!

31. A four pound rabbit will drink as much water as a 20 pound dog.

You learn something new everyday!