Lets face it, we've all seen the Aussie soap Neighbours at least once! So, to help celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, we've put together a selection of Ramsay Street's finest furry (and feathered) characters!

Neighbours 30th anniversary 10. Dahl 

Dahl the Galah is one of many pets who ended up living happily at number 28!


Neighbours 30th anniversary 9. Audrey

When mechanic Drew Kirk found a small terrier shivering in a cardboard box at the garage one day, he took her home. After a few years, Audrey then ended up living with... you guessed it, the Kennedy's at number 28!

Neighbours 30th anniversary 8. Digger

The old dog belonging to pensioner Norm Hastings. Digger was brought to see vet Steve Parker, and was diagnosed with a tumour, but Digger had an operation and pulled through.

Neighbours 30th anniversary 7. Rodney

Whilst spending his work experience at Steve Parker's vet clinic, Zeke Kinski got to know a variety of animals, including Rodney the ferret. Rodney had a tendency to steal things and hide them in his cage. Naughty ferret!

Neighbours 30th anniversary 6. T-Rex

The Scully family's cheeky Rottweiler. T-Rex was harmless, though he did have a habit of stealing, and destroying, things on the neighbours’ washing lines!

Neighbours 30th anniversary5. Willow

Harold Bishop's best kitty friend! AKA Tazzle.


Neighbours 30th anniversary 4. Murray

Murray the Christmas turkey was rescued by 'Toadfish' after being brought home for Christmas day lunch. They couldn't bring themselves to eat him, so named him Murray (as in 'Murray Christmas') and kept him in the garden!

Neighbours 30th anniversary 3. Springsteen

When Karl Kennedy decided to make his home self-sufficient, he bought himself a rooster. He then managed to alienate the entire street when Springsteen woke everyone up each morning with his crowing!

Neighbours 30th anniversary2. Casserole

When Billy Kennedy found a lamb wandering the streets, he took him home and the family decided to keep it - their lawnmower had broken, so they thought they could use the sheep instead! Casserole, or Cassie for short, then remained in the garden for over a decade, and became a loyal pet and shoulder to cry on! 

1. Bouncer

The hero of Ramsay Street. Loyal dog to number 28, and caring friend to Mrs Mangel. He's just one top Aussie dog!

Madge may be back from the dead in the Neighbours 30th anniversary TV specials, but it's the return of beloved Bouncer that has fans talking... just look at him!

Neighbours 30th anniversary