Watching wild birds in your garden is very rewarding, and gives you the opportunity to see a great variety of wild birds, and see some species that you are less likely to come across in wilder habitats. And what's more — it doesn't cost much or take a huge amount of time and commitment to get started. 

Gardens are important places for birds — robins, house sparrows and wrens will most likely be familiar with your garden, but others will only use gardens on a seasonal basis. You'll soon learn to identify the different species and their behaviours and enjoy watching them eat, bathe and sing their songs.

The secret to successful garden bird watching is making your garden attractive to a wide range of species — by providing a range of foods and plants. If there are specific types of birds that you are interested in then do your research and find out what foods they love and where they usually nest, so that you can encourage them to your garden with all of their favourite things.

Whether it be a nut-eating great tit or insect-eating robin, you can be sure to find the foods you need. You can study the birds even closer with a pair of binoculars — with these you'll get a great view and see the birds up-close without scaring them away. The view through binoculars opens up a whole new world, and once you start bird-watching, you'll find it hard to stop!

Keep a diary of all the different types of birds that you see — note the time of year and what foods they are feeding on. This will help you to identify the different species quickly and become familiar with their routine. The more you find out about garden birds, the more you will want to know! And all from the comfort of your own garden!

Just be careful not to disturb any birds that are nesting in your garden, and avoid getting too close and scaring the birds away.