Wild bird care

If you have an interest in wild birds and want to see more of them in your garden, then take a read through our care and advice sections.

Looking after wild birds can be such a rewarding hobby, and if you provide the right kinds of food and shelter, you'll get to see a variety of species visiting your garden throughout the year. And what's more — it doesn't cost much or take a huge amount of time and commitment to get started.



  • Find out more about wild birds.
  • Learn which are the most popular garden birds.

  • Learn how to identify the different species.
  • Keeping a diary of what you see.

  • Find out what you can do to attract wild birds to your garden.
  • Ensure that you can meet the needs of your birds throughout the year.

  • Help stop your cat hunting birds
  • Stop birds flying in to your windows

  • Providing wild birds with nesting and feeding facilities.
  • What plants will wild birds be attracted to?

  • What to do with a sick or injured wild bird.
  • Baby wild birds.

  • What foods can I feed wild birds?
  • Bird feeders, bird tables and bird baths.