Stick insect health

Providing that your stick insect cage does not get overcrowded or is kept in damp, stagnant conditions, they're unlikely to get ill. Very damp cages are susceptible to mould growth which is unhealthy for your pets. Avoid extremes of temperature and don’t let their food plant die or dry out as these are the most likely reasons for stick insects to die.

They grow by shedding their skin and to be able to do this they'll hang from the plants or the top of their cage — so make sure that their cage is big enough. If they have don't have enough space, they can develop deformities as their new skin begins to harden, this shouldn't affect their ability to survive though.

Tips on keeping your stick insect healthy:

  • Keep the cage well ventilated
  • Keep the insects and their food away from any chemicals
  • Wash all leaves thoroughly
  • Only spray the leaves with water lightly — do not give them a water bowl. A light misting of water will prevent fungal growth on the leaves
  • Check the body of your stick insect for any signs of fungus. Wipe away if there is any, so that it doesnt reach their internal organs which could cause death. 

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