Stick insect feeding

What does a stick insect eat?

With the exception of the Indian stick insect, most other species will only eat bramble leaves. Indian stick insects and Giant Spiny stick insects will eat oak, rose and hawthorn. They'll be happy to eat older leaves which in some ways can be better for them than fresh leaves. Collect the food plants from areas that have not been sprayed with insecticides and avoid plants that are near busy roads. 

Place the food in a glass jar and make sure there's some water in the jar. This will keep the food fresh for a few days but always replace their bramble or privet with fresh food after this time. 

Most leaves and plants will be easy to find, so you may be able to go and pick your own rather than buying it. Please take note of which areas not to pick the food, and stick to areas that are free from chemicals. Always wash the leaves thoroughly before you give it to your stick insect.

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