Housing rats

Where should you keep a pet rat?  

Rats need a really large indoor cage that gives them plenty of space to run about. You then have lots of space to add enrichment including tunnels, tubes, hammocks, things to climb on and plenty of houses to hide in too. A cage that has multiple levels will be best as this allows for more interesting places for your rat to enjoy and explore. Rats are very intelligent so plenty of stimulation is important. 

Ensure that the base of the cage has a solid bottom to avoid injuries and that it is made using wire as rats love to chew — plastic rat cages are not a good idea!

What bedding should a rat have?

Avoid bedding your rat on wood shavings, these are not great for rats as they can be very dusty and can cause breathing problems. Cross shredded paper or chopped card makes an ideal and interesting bed for your rats. 

Can rats be litter trained? 

Yes, rats can be litter trained. Chinchilla sand or a card-based product is the best thing to use in a litter tray. Remember to removed any soiled bedding daily and clean out the litter tray entirely every week. 

Do rats need companionship?

Rats need the company of another rat, ideally two or three. They are very sociable and enjoy grooming each other, playing together and cuddling up together to sleep. Companionship is the most important part of your rat's environment. Choose rats that are the same sex in order to avoid unwanted litters.

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