Pony care

Pony care

Horses and ponies are very popular animals and make great companions. There's estimated to be just under one million in the UK, with many different breeds varying in size, body shape and temperament. They can live for as long as 30 years or more, and some have been known to live much longer than that.

If you are looking to get a pony as a pet, then you need to ensure that you can look after him and meet all his needs. They are a big animal to look after and require plenty of space, food, grooming, exercise and cleaning out. Owning a pony can be great fun and rewarding — but it's a huge responsibility and a long term commitment. 

Ponies and horses are available in many different breeds, from the small but strong Shetland pony to the Shire, the gentle giant of the horse world, and whether you're looking to ride, show jump or take part in a gymkhana, you're sure to find a breed that suits you and the space you can offer.



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