Gerbil housing

The right environment for your gerbil is very important. A converted vivarium, a plastic box with a mesh roof, or a specially-designed 'gerbilarium' is ideal. Ensure that it is securely built so that your gerbil cannot escape. Wood Green recommends that a gerbil cage for two gerbils should be at least 100cm wide, 30cm deep and 30cm high to allow plenty of space for burrowing and exploring. 

The base of your gerbils cage should be filled with material that your gerbil can dig into, organic soil or peat is ideal. This should be at least 20cm deep so your gerbil can burrow down to create tunnels and nests. Wood shavings are not recommended as they can irritate your gerbil's skin.

Enriching your gerbil's environment

Include items to chew in your gerbil's environment including fresh hay and fruit wood, to keep him stimulated and to keep his teeth in shape. Avoid plastic toys and tubes where possible, your gerbil will chew on them and could ingest the plastic. Add new enrichment regularly to make the environment more stimulating. Other items that can make your gerbil's environment more stimulating include: 

  • Plant pots filled with dried herbs and plants
  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Cardboard boxes

Your gerbil's cage will need spot-cleaning every day to remove any soiled or wet bedding and uneaten food. The whole cage should be completely cleaned using a mild pet-friendly disinfectant every two to three weeks.

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