Feeding a gecko

What does a gecko eat?

A gecko's diet should contain a variety of small insects no larger than the distance between his eyes. Crickets should make up the bulk of a gecko's diet, with species like grasshoppers, mealworms and locusts added occasionally to make the diet more varied. The insects that are fed should be free from pesticides. Adult geckos will need to eat about five to six insects every two to three days.

The insects should be let out in the vivarium in the evening and any uneaten insects removed after 24 hours to avoid them causing injury to your gecko.

The prey should be dusted with a vitamin and mineral supplement before feeding to ensure your gecko receives all the nutrients he needs. It's important that the insects you offer are healthy and well-fed or 'gut loaded' as these nutrients will be passed on to your gecko.

Cuttlefish, either grated or in a large piece should be supplied for the gecko to chew on.

Water in a heavy bottomed shallow bowl should always be available, and it should be changed daily.

TIP: Find and establish your food supply before buying a gecko.

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