Ferret housing

While ferrets may sleep for up to 20 hours in a day, when they are awake they are very active.

Your ferrets will need lots of space — your ferret's outdoor enclosure should be at least 12-feet long and include warm areas for him to sleep. A large avery, a converted dog kennel or a garden shed with a run attached make ideal ferret enclosures. This should be full of enrichment items for him to play on, the most important of these being another ferret. Ferrets should be kept in pairs or ideally small groups of three or four so they have someone to play with and cuddle up to. 

Ferrets are amazingly flexible and will be able to squeeze out of the smallest of spaces so your housing will need to be very secure. Remember too that ferrets like to dig so your enclosure will need a soild base. Provide a digging tray for your ferret so he has somewhere to display his natural digging behaviour. 

Your ferret's sleeping quarters can come in all shapes and sizes, during the summer months he may enjoy a hammock outside or a basket lined with an old rug, while in the winter a nesting box stuffed with plenty of shredded paper, a fleece blanket, old clothes or dust-free hay will be very welcome. Ensure that there is enough space in the sleeping areas for your ferrets to curl up and sleep together.

Covering the floor of your ferret's enclosure with shredded paper makes it fun and interesting for him. 

Enriching your ferret's environment

Ferrets are eternal children and love to play. Their environment should be full of enrichment that is changed regularly. They love things to climb on, run through, and wrestle with. There are loads of things you can include in your ferret's environment; shelving to climb on, hammocks to swing in, tubes and tunnels to run through, digging trays or sandpits, old boxes and buckets, old children's toys, cat toys, cat towers and scratching posts, even toilet roll holders and paper bags can be fun for a ferret. Be inventive, something doesn't necessarily need to cost loads to be a great source of fun to a ferret. 

Litter training your ferret 

Ferrets are very clean animals. They will choose one area of their enclosure for toileting and use that space only. A litter tray filled with cat litter or newspaper and placed in this area is the best way to keep your ferret's enclosure clean and fresh. Remember to clean the litter tray out every day. Remember to remove any soiled litter from the tray every day and thoroughly clean it out every week. 

Cleaning out a ferret enclosure

Your ferrets enclosure should be fully cleaned out once a week. You should: 

  • Remove and wash all the enrichment items and any blankets that your ferret has been sleeping in
  • Remove all the bedding and wash the floor and surfaces with a pet-safe disinfectant 
  • Thoroughly clean out the litter tray, replacing the cat litter
  • Refresh your ferret's bedding throughout his enclosure. 

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