Feeding ferrets

Marie Channer, head of small animal welfare at Wood Green says: “Ferrets are carnivores and we feed our ferrets on a special complete food. This is either fed from a bowl or using a feeding ball to make it more interesting for the ferrets.” 

Providing your ferret with a good-quality ferret food will ensure he receives all the necessary nutrition, vitamins and minerals he needs. Ferrets eat small amounts regularly. Split this daily ratio into smaller feeds which can be offered at various times during the day to ensure that he gets all the nutrition he needs and that the food stays fresh. Remember to feed your ferret the correct amount according to the food manufacturer's guidelines to stop your ferret becoming overweight. 

Treating your ferret 

The following items can be added to your ferret's diet as an occasional treat or a nice reward after completing your ferret's health check or trimming claws:

  • Raw egg
  • Boiled chicken off the bone (cooked bones can splinter and are dangerous to feed) 
  • Ferret Vit (a tasty vitamin supplement) 
  • Kitten food.

Giving ferrets water 

Marie says: “Water should be available at all times for your ferret in a large heavy dog bowl that cannot be tipped over. Water should be replenished every day. In the summer you can also give them a large plastic paddling pool filled with shallow water, they will enjoy splashing about in this and it will also encourage them to drink."

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