Corn snake health

Provided that you care for your corn snake properly and provide the correct diet and environment, corn snakes make very healthy pets and suffer from very few illnesses. 

Before bringing your corn snake home, research the vets in your area and try to locate your local reptile-friendly veterinary practice, as not all of them have vets that are experts in reptile care. 

Signs that your corn snake is healthy include: 

  • Tasting the air frequently and rapidly with his tongue
  • The body should feel firm and muscular
  • The skin will be smooth and shiny without any blisters or lumps on the skin
  • The 'vent' (excrement opening) should not be wet and should be free of faeces
  • Nasal discharge, open-mouthed breathing or wheezing, and the tip of the tongue sticking out are signs that indicate your corn snake may be unwell.

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