Budgie care

Do budgies like to be handled?

Like most animals — a budgie will need to be slowly introduced to human handling. If you have got a young budgie, you will need to leave him for a few days in his new home until he's got used to his surroundings. At first, start introducing your hand to the budgie — you may get a few nips or none at all, this will depend on whether the budgie is feeling threatened or not. Once your budgie is comfortable with being near your hand, try gently stroking him and eventually encouraging him to step onto your finger. This process can take several weeks, but if done correctly and on a regular basis (preferably with the same person) you will gain your budgie's trust and you should eventually be able to pick him up.

Do budgies bite?

If your budgie is new to the family, he may nip you a few times as he'll be scared and defending his territory — after all, we are much bigger and scarier to him! He'll need time to adjust to a new environment, so the best thing you can do is be patient, and slowly build a relationship with your budgie. He'll start to get used to your presence, and if you talk quietly to him and approach him slowly he'll learn to trust that you're not going to harm him. Once you have properly socialised your bird the biting should stop — this may take some time and effort to get to this stage, but as long as your budgie doesn't feel threatened he won't bite.

How often do I need to clean my budgie's cage?

The bottom of the budgie's cage should be cleaned out daily, with any droppings and stale food being swept away. Any food pots should also be emptied, cleaned and refilled each day, and it is advised that you give the rest of the cage, including any perches, toys and other fittings a wipe over every few days, with a thorough clean of everything once a month. This should keep the environment clean and healthy for your budgie. 

Will my budgie fly away?

Providing that you have purchased a proper cage that is designed for a budgie, he shouldn't escape or fly away. You'll need to be more alert when you let your budgie out of his cage, as he'll want to explore, but you won't want to lose him! So make sure all the windows and doors are closed so he can't fly away. He'll enjoy being able to fly around and get some exercise, so it's important that the room he is in is of adequate size for him to do this. 

Can two budgies live together?

Budgies are fine to live on their own (providing they have lots of interaction with their owners), but tend to prefer the company of another budgie. If they are living in a cage then a pair of budgies would be most suitable, and both cocks and hens can live together. If you want to avoid any mating though, you may want to get two of the same sex. If you choose to keep your budgie on his own, then ensure you give him plenty of attention to keep him happy.

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