Bearded dragon health

When properly cared for and provided with the correct environment, bearded dragons should not suffer from many illnesses and ailments.

A healthy bearded dragon should be: 

  • Active
  • Bright-eyed
  • Alert
  • Should be moving freely
  • Show no signs of parasites on the skin
  • Eating a normal amount
  • Toileting regularly
  • Have no deformities or thinning at the base of the tail
  • You should not be able to see the ribcage or the pelvis bone. These indicate that your bearded dragon is underweight
  • Your bearded dragon should be shedding their skin properly.

Before your bearded dragon arrives home, ensure that you have located and registered with your local reptile-friendly veterinary clinic. It is important that you find somewhere with experience of treating reptiles as not all vets do. Recommendations from other reptile owners is often the best way to find a good vet.

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