Over the years, scientists have debated why zebras have stripes, but in recent years it has started to become clear the reasons behind their markings. Here are the main four:

1. Camouflage

As you'd expect a zebras stripes do help them to keep camouflaged within their natural habitat. Despite the colour of their stripes, you will be surprised how easy it is to miss them when they are stood within a group of bushes. 

2. Pest Control

According to research, a zebras stripes confuse nasty bugs and flies and so they tend to avoid landing on zebras.

3. Social Interaction

No two zebras are the same, due to their stripes. Within their social groups this makes it easier to recognise one another.

4. Cooling System 

Zebras in warmer places tend to have more stripes. This is because zebras spend a lot of time in the open grazing and so their stripes act as an effective cooling system. Their black and white stripes heat up at different rates helping to keep the skin cooler.