Have you ever seen your rabbit thump his feet like Thumper from Bambi? Well he could be doing this for a number of reasons...

Rabbits will usually stamp or thump their feet when they sense danger. This is a common defence mechanism rabbits will use in the wild, by stamping their feet they are warning the rest of the warren of approaching danger. Perhaps they have seen a predator in the distance or they may have heard a loud sound. The same can apply to your rabbits if they have sensed anything that could harm them they will stamp their feet as an alert. 


Rabbits can also stamp their feet in irritation. Maybe you have picked up your rabbit for a cuddle and he is not best pleased, he may thump his feet at you to show his annoyance. Thumping can be a precursor to biting so just be cautious of this if this is something your rabbit has a habit of.


Rabbits can also get rabbit rage at fellow rabbits. If they see an approaching rabbit that is trespassing on their turf they may thump their feet and grunt to warn them off and establish their dominance. So rabbits aren't always the fluffy cute characters they appear! 


And finally, your rabbit may purely want some attention. He may be stamping that foot as a way of getting you to look at him, give him a stroke and maybe some yummy treats. Rabbits are cleverer than you think!


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