As part of a new campaign Pets at Home have appointed ten of the social media's most influential animals to its Pet Panel...


With the rise of social media, pets are fast becoming some of the most popular stars on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and have great influence on other pet owners. Pets at Home have chosen 10 of the biggest stars to assist with their marketing activity, the panel will play a part in Pets at Home social media, key campaigns and reviews. 


The ten social media influencers have risen to fame thanks to their posts which follow everything from daily life through to fashion and family. They have a combined following of over a staggering 2 million.


Scott Jefferson, marketing director at Pets at Home, said: “Social media – and in particular social media stars – are having an increased influence on what people think and want when it comes to shopping. Be that a tech blogger road testing the coolest gadgets or a fashion blogger trialling trends, what social media influencers think can have a massive effect on us all as consumers. And just as in these fields, the world of animal bloggers and pet owners is no different. That’s why we have been so keen to appoint The Pet Panel of animal experts, who will provide us with invaluable insight into what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to caring for the nation’s pets. What’s more, they’ll also help us create engaging content that works across each of our marketing platforms.”


Meet the Stars


1. The Magnifcats


A group of seven London cats with over 1.4 million Facebook followers. Find them on Facebook or Instagram.

2. Bubble Becca Pugs

bubble becca pugs

A Pug breeder and rescuer with 337,000 Instagram followers. Find her on Instagram.

3. Bruno the Mini Dachshund

bruno the mini dachshund

A bow tie loving dog with 94,500 Instagram followers. Find him on Instagram. 

4. Acorn the Bunny

acorn the bunny

A house rabbit with 63,500 Instagram followers. Follow him here.

5. Ladypigford


Three guinea pigs from London with 42,900 Instagram followers. Find them on Instagram.

6. Sir Sidney the Pug

sir sidney the pug

A Nottinghamshire dog with 30,000 Instagram followers. Find Sir Sidney on Instagram. 

7. Two Little Pomss

two little pomss

A pair of Pomeranians with 19,200 followers. Follow them on Instagram. 

8. Cuddly Cooper

cuddly cooper

A Derby Shih Tzu with 19,200 followers. Find him on Instagram

9. Nero Chihuahua

nero chihauhau

A well-travelled dog with 11,100 Instagram followers. Find Nero here.

10. Grrl Genius

grrl genius

A sassy French bulldog with 10,400 followers. Find her on Instagram here.


To follow Your Pet on Instagram, click here. 

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