World For All have released these striking posters which creatively use white space to raise awareness of pet adoption in Mumbai...

World For All are a charity predominately based in Mumbia raising awareness for the ever increasing issue of stray animals on the streets on India. Their mission is 'to inspire co-existence between stray animals and the people of Mumbai, by Finding loving homes for the helpless ones and creating compassion, tolerance and humanity for those on the streets.'

This series of stunning prints form part of this campaign, depicting animals that in dire need of rescue, love and care. India has millions of stray animals roaming the streets, and seeing a stray dog is nothing out of the ordinary in a city like Mumbai. World For All are working tirelessly to ensure that the understanding of animals in Mumbai and India is brought to the forefront with a vision to 'One day every stray animal in India will be treated with love, dignity and compassion and will Find a place in our homes, hearts and lives.'

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Images source - Behance