Easter rabbit ban

Pet shops across the UK have put a ban on purchasing rabbits over the Easter period to reinforce the message that a rabbit isn't just for Easter...


Much like the 'Puppy is for life, not just for Christmas' this Easter campaign focuses on ensuring that bunny rabbits aren't left neglected and without care. Over Easter many people simply buy or adopt rabbits purely because of the festive holiday and then decide they no longer want them once the novelty has worn off. 


In an attempt to discourage this, one of the UK's biggest pet retailers Pets at Home have banned the sale of rabbits between Good Friday and Easter Monday. Peter Pritchard, chief executive of retail at Pets at home says “We pride ourselves on putting pets before profit so we’ve taken the decision not to sell rabbits during the upcoming Easter weekend. Nor will customers be able to adopt rabbits in need of re-homing from our in-store adoption centres.”


Many children do not understand the full extent of care that rabbits need, and so, rabbits are often left neglected and abandoned. Pets at Home will also be running free 'rabbit workshops' over the Easter period in order to raise awareness of how to care for these animals, “Our informative workshops help families understand what’s involved in being a responsible rabbit owner,” Mr Pritchard added.



A study conducted by rabbit welfare charity - Make Mine Chocolate revealed that on average a shocking 67,000 rabbits pass through rescue each year, with 60% of rabbits entering rescue in the UK are owned for less than a year– and a staggering 40% of these being owned for less than six months.


With Pets at Home decision, other smaller pet retailers are set to follow suit. So if you are thinking of buying a rabbit for your children this Easter be sure you are all fully committed to looking after him. To find out more about how to care for a rabbit - read here.